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RockeeZ Climbing Club

Do you love climbing? If you are 6 to 16 years old and want to climb on a regular basis come and join us on our weekly kids climbing club. These sessions run 6 days a week during term times and work through the NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme). Throughout the sessions, RockeeZ learn different physical and technical climbing skills to progress through the sport in a fun and friendly atmosphere with, of course, lots of climbing.

A Letter From Our Course Director - Martyn Willows (PDF)

ROCKEEZ (Beginners/NICAS Level 1 and 2)

Mondays 5-7pm, Tuesdays 5-7 pm, Fridays 6-8 pm, Saturday 9-11 am, Sunday 9-11 am

This session introduces safety and good practice towards the NICAS level 1 and 2 achievement certificates. Once you have acheived these you could move to a more specific session or stay in the mixed session where you have made friends and carry on working through NICAS Levels 3, 4 and 5.

To take part you will need to be registered on the Nicas Scheme. The part 1 logbook costs £7.50 and covers levels 1, 2 and 3. Once these levels are completed, a part 2 logbook will need to be purchased.

Ring binders for logbooks are available seperately at a cost of £5.00


11am to 1pm Saturdays and 11.30 to 1.30pm Sundays

10 to 16 year olds holding their NICAS level 2 certificate (by invitation only, please enquire)

After achieving NICAS level 2, this session coaches climbing techniques and movement skills and covers the technical skill set required for NICAS level 3 and beyond. This session will create a skilled, knowledgeable and confident climber.

Includes:  Professional Instructor and all equipment hire. 


Saturdays 5 - 7pm and Wednesday 6-8pm

10 to 16 year olds holding their NICAS Level 3 certificate (by invitation only, please enquire)

After NICAS level 3, the scheme becomes more intense, including a compulsory lead climbing segment and more detailed knowledge set. This RockeeZ session will create a confident lead climber, able to climb at any centre and starting to compete in top rope, bouldering and lead competitions.

Includes:  Professional instructor and all equipment and rope hire. 

NICAS Part 2 Log Books are available for £7.50 and cover NICAS Levels 4 and 5

Ring Binders for logbooks are available separately at a cost of £5.00

To see a COURSE GUIDE and REGISTRATION FORM or for further information, please contact us.

ROCKEEZ Full Day's

This is a fantastic oppotunity for Rockeez to climb for a full day at the centre. A chance for them to climb, abseil, play games and enjoy the caving ladder, achieving as much of thier NICAS as possible. The RockeeZ would need to bring a packed lunch with them, with plenty of snacks and drinks. Check the RockeeZ wall planner above for dates. Call to check availability and book on.

Tuesday 1st August 10am-4pm

Wednesday 16th August 10-4pm

ROCKEEZ One off Sessions

These sessions run through the school holidays as an extra to keep the rockeez active and not bored at home. These dates below are when the next set are running, so give us a call to check availibility  and get booked on.

Saturday 22nd July 5-7pm

Sunday 23rd July 9-11am

Wednesday 26th July 6-8pm

Friday 28th July 6-8pm

Saturday 29th July 9-11am

Sunday 30th July 9-11am

Friday 4th August 6-8pm

Saturday 5th August 9-11am

Sunday 6th August 9-11am

Monday 7th August 5-7pm

Friday 11th August 6-8pm

Saturday 12th August 9-11am

Sunday 13th August 9-11am

Monday 14th August 5-7pm


This is a brilliant oppotunity to get the RockeeZ climbing outside. We often go up to the Peak District for a whole day and do some top rope climbing and bouldering, each year this is a huge success and have been fairly lucky with the weather.

the dates are as follows:

Thursday 10th August and Friday 1st September